A non profit NGO, working for the Human Empowerment in Pakistan. Established since 2009, H4H has helped 100s of families.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Human4Human (Step-Up for Human Empoverment)

Human4Human is a non profit organization working for Human Empowerment in Pakistan since 2009.

Human4Human was formed when a group of students took over a venture of Welcoming IDPs from Swabi due to aftereffects of Operation Rah-i-Raast.

The organization has been working ever since and helping people in different spectra of life. The organization has given prime focus to small scale projects towards poverty elevation.

Based on the different activities performed by H4H, the organization works are divided in four divisions as below:

1. Blood4Human
2. Charity4Human
3. Education4Human
4. Finance4Human

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ramzan 2014 - Welfare Project

Human4Human successfully distributed Ramzan relief packages to 107 deserving families last year. This year we aim to reach more families with your help. 

It is Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and he said: "Nothing shall ensure the welfare (and interests) of your religion except generosity and good disposition." 

Unfortunately, there are many deserving families in Pakistan, seeking help in reputable manner to pass the holy month of Ramadan. We need your help and donations to help 
those people.

Criteria for Selecting Families:

  1.   Orphan
  2.   Widows
  3.   Poor Deserving Families
  4.   Disable Males with huge Family and No source of income.

Packages will be Distributed in Below mentioned Area:

  •   Islamabad
  •   Peshawar
  •   Mardan/Charsadda
  •   Rawalpindi
  •   Kashmir
  •   Bahawalpur
  •  Lahore

Human4Human is continuing its effort to support deserving families during Ramadan.

One family very basic expense could be covered by 2572 PKR
2572 PKR = 25 USD = 20 Euros
What will be offered in this amount?
1. Flour 20KG Sack (800 PKR)
2. Rice 5KG Sack (545 PKR)
3. Sugar 5KG Sack (245 PKR)
4. Daal Chana White / Daal Maash 2KG (236 PKR)
5. Rooh Afza 2 Bottles (276 PKR)
6. Ghee 1 KG (145 PKR)
7. Oil 1KG (157 PKR)
8. Dates 1KG (168 PKR)


The Campaign Facebook Appeal Page

Please come forward and donate generously. All audit data will be provided after the successful completion of the project. 

To contribute please send your donations directly to following account 

A/C Title: Faizan Khan
A/C Number: PK90SCBL0000001710086801 (IBAN)
Standard Chartered Bank

For Western Union/ Money Gram Transaction
Receiver Name: Faizan Khan 
City: Lahore 
Country: Pakistan 
Mobile Number: +923225757635